Finding magic in the simple … and the extraordinary.

For me, portraits are everything that wedding embodies: emotion. Real, raw and beautiful. There are no forced smiles or staged shots, just honesty, joy and love. Images like these will transport you back to that moment, standing the test of time. That’s what I want you to see when you look at your wedding photos, memories that last a lifetime.

bride portrait
woman portrait blonde
bride portrait
young man portrait

Getting ready

My favourite part in photography – is to tell stories. It’s capturing those quiet moments. A nervous glance. An eye-fluttering kiss. The adoration that’s written on your faces when time stands still during wearing your wedding dress for the first time. It’s finding those intimate moments that make you cry, and laugh, and cry again!  

bride getting ready, women portrait Switzerland
woman with flowers near the window
bride preparation

I do

Every image tells a story about the loving couple and the intimate moments they share. My mission? To bring your wedding story to life through the artistry and emotion. Wedding rings, smiles, signatures and all the other really important details that should be memorized during the wedding ceremony. ♡  

Ceremony and the reception

I love natural moments, and throughout the day I will be looking for opportunities to capture the intimate details of your story. That might mean popping outside to capture a golden sunset, or snapping a candid of a toddler poking her finger into the cake!

My goal is to go a little deeper than most, and capture the very heart and soul of your day. 


I believe that a wedding is the most important day of your life, which is why you deserve the finest images as a keepsake of your devotion. I want you to look back at your photos and remember the meaningful details.

Wild hearts

Unpredictable, unposed, captured from a distance.
Moments, that you often don’t register during that special day, a thousand reasons why storytelling is sooo special!