The bridal and groom wedding photoshoot preparation moments are one of the most favorite and memory-packed parts of the day to capture inside photographs.

Having your closest friends there to support you on your wedding day is incredibly special. And as for us photographers, we simply love the excitement of the environment while making sure to capture lovely photographs they will remember and cherish eternally.

Overall, It’s a perfect opportunity to seize more candid and posed images of everyone having a good time.

That’s not even the BEST part!

It’s also the perfect time to take advantage of the wedding photoshoot environment while capturing group portraits with the girls and their parents.

All of these photos will represent memories that can transcend even through space and time itself.

Before starting the wedding photoshoot session, certain preparations and aspects should be followed and maintained.

Here are the deets…


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Find A Photographer For Your Wedding Photoshoot

Speaking from a personal preference, one of the key elements determining whether you enjoy working with a photographer is their style.

There are a lot of trendy looks right now, but the majority fit into one of three categories:

  • Natural-looking
  • Dark and gloomy
  • Light and Airy

Reviewing your photographer’s portfolio is the finest approach for gaining a sense of their photographic style.

Most photographers have online portfolios on their personal spaces, such as their Social profiles, websites, and maybe even blogs.

A Tip From Me: Most wedding photographers share their best images on blog posts and social media platforms such as Instagram. Probably 90% of these were shot during Golden Hour and are portraits.

Make sure you see images from other parts of the day, such as the ceremony, family formals, reception, and so on, to ensure that you like their style in all lighting environments and times of the day.

collage of wedding party photos (wedding photoshoot)

Main Parts of The Wedding Photoshoot:

You may not realize how a wedding photographer’s day works aside from the couples planning a wedding.

As wedding photographers, we often think of weddings as a series of “mini-shoots” since we continuously move around to different spots and blend various aspects, such as friends, family, landscapes, intimate moments, wedding gowns, and, i.e., into our shots.

The majority of wedding day sums up with:

Getting things ready: These are taken as you prepare for the big day.

First Impressions: This is not something that happens at every wedding photoshoot, but it is becoming SUPER common. As a couple, The First Look lets you have a quiet and lovey-dovey moment together on your wedding day to see each other for the first time.

Portraits of the Bride and Groom: These can be taken at various times throughout the day or all at once. Expect to see both solo and couple portraits.

Get together with family: Amass up all your family members and pose for portraits with a GIANT smile.

Bridal Party & Cocktail Hours: In recent weddings, it’s common to come across bridal parties. So, capture them under frames and candid shots of your cocktail hours.

Reception: Numerous candid shots will be taken by wedding photographers, in addition to pictures of all the major occasions like introductions, toasts, first dances, cake cutting, bouquet tossing, etc.

Big Exit: Most weddings I’ve documented featured a sparkler exit. And if you’re also planning on something similar, then do some research and take the approach by knowing the general pattern of a typical wedding day.

wedding couple laughs and hugs in swiss mountains (wedding photoshoot)

A Wedding Timeline Might Be THE Idea

If we’re talking about creating a wedding day timeline, most of us here aim to include all of the events into the exact schedule of your big day.

A well-organized schedule for your wedding will make it easier for you (as the bride and groom) to picture how the big day will go.

The wedding schedule will also help your photographer determine where they need to be and how much time they have for specific images (and at what time).

While you might begin working on this individually, I strongly advise consulting with your wedding photographer for guidance. Why exactly?

We, photographers, genuinely take great pride in assisting our couples in sorting out all of this as part of our wedding photography business since we understand its importance.

PRO Tip: Discover the perfect times of day for snapping pictures and plan significant photo opportunities around those times. Ask your photographer for assistance with the schedule if you’re staying under a rock on this.

Don’t Forget About The Gifts

It’s well spotted these days that to show a token of appreciation for the assistance on your BIG day, it is traditional to provide gifts for your bridal party.

Fortunately, these also add up for taking some fantastic wedding photoshoot! For the females, jewelry like earrings will be perfect as they could wear them that day.

While they get ready, your photographer can capture great pictures of them. Each item must be delivered in a box that has been personalized.

These thoughtful details will make your bridal party feel special.

Remember The Tiny Little Details

The first phases of bridal preparation are the finest times to take detailed shots.

And trust me! You don’t want to miss it for the whole universe to see the photographs of your Dad’s expression when he finally gets to see you in your wedding attire! Prepare the following items in advance for your photographer’s arrival:

  • Flowers
  • Engagement Ring
  • Jewelry
  • Bridal Shoes
  • Invitations
  • Bridesmaid Dresses

collage of wedding photos (wedding photoshoot)

Store Emotions Under Wedding Photo Reportage

As the name implies, the wedding photo-reportage is a comprehensive documentation of your wedding day where the story places spontaneity, naturalness, and emotions at the center of one’s narration.

The excitement of putting on your wedding gown; the joy of the groom kissing the bride; the tears of joy shedding from the parent’s eyes; the fun and fellowship of friends.

You must realize that wedding photo reportage is not a new thing. To capture the most important day of your life, it’s usually forged since it tells the tale of your wedding.

Choose it for the uniqueness it adds to your wedding photoshoot rather than because it is in trend.

Anyway, here are some things you should also keep track of since most couples often forget about them.

Choose Comfy Shoes: Not only will a comfortable heel let you dance the night away without having to take them off, but they will also complete your outfit for the ceremonies and reception pictures. So, consider them, will you?

Your New Suriname In Signatures: Well, we all can relate to one thing sudden changes like this require time to adapt. But if you start ahead, you’ll eventually get a hold of this.

Make a list While Taking Group Photos: What about those planned family and group photos? It is a good idea to make a list and inform all of them who will be present when and where the event will take place so that no one goes missing when the time arrives.

Finally, I know there are many things to keep track of while planning a wedding, and it’s also true that we sometimes forget some of the significant prospects. Keeping all that in mind, I’ve tried to point out the primary aspects you should add to your wedding photoshoot preparation checklist.