– About Me –
Say hello to the adventure…

My favourite part – is to tell stories. It’s capturing those quiet moments. A nervous glance. An eye-fluttering kiss. The adoration that’s written on your faces when time stands still during your first dance. It’s finding those intimate moments that make you cry, and laugh, and cry again!

If it’s about me then privately I’m a wifie and a mum of the Bearded Collie doggie. Love Italian coffee and English black tea 😀 I think that the Swiss Alps are the most beautiful place in the world and no connectivity there is our most precious gift which we should praise from time to time. During free days I love scouting for a new photoshoot and elopement secret locations. Gandalf, the dog, is my best companion!

I can’t wait to serve you on your special day,

because moments matter!


When you open your book of wedding photographs and think, “wow—that day was beautiful,” your mood shifts. You remember how joyful you were. You feel safe. You feel loved. You feel connected.