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Finding magic in the simple … and the extraordinary.

Hello! My name is Helen and I am a virtual storyteller.

I am based in the charming town of Lugano, Switzerland, but my clients have wed all over the world.

I am happy to travel wherever you need me – passport on standby, cameras at the ready!

For the love, the laughter and the tears.

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“No day will ever repeat,

there aren’t any two similar nights.

The same kisses, no two identical gazes into the eyes”.

W. Szymborska

Every image tells a story about the loving couple and the uniqe feelings they share.

A nervous glance. An eye-fluttering kiss. The adoration that’s written on your faces when time stands still during your first dance.

It’s all about finding those intimate moments that make you cry, and laugh, and cry again!

Helena, an International Wedding Photographer

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