Let’s be a little honest here, planning your wedding (before wedding to-do list) can often turn out to be quite stressful, even if you spend a solid two or three months executing it. And if you’re like me, you’ll probably make more than 100 plans in your head but eventually, forget all of them after a few minutes.

Feels quite relatable, right?

And… I know that planning a HUGE event like a wedding can be daunting as I’ve been to many of them and heard from the couples themselves. Therefore, keeping all the essence in mind, I’ve accumulated all the necessary deets (from finding a venue to planning a honeymoon) in this detailed guide.

Why exactly?

Well, it’s simple! So that you don’t face the hassle and stress that most people often face. Whether doing the research or managing all the budgets, I’ll shed light on all the crucial aspects in today’s guide.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started!

Before wedding to-do list

The Budget

As soon as you set a date for the most anticipated day of your life, your anxiety and excitement levels will reach as high as the mountain Everest. And in most cases, the budget remains the most pressing concern.

And the questions that should be taken into your senses are mostly regarding the costs like how much I need to spend, where should I spend the most, when to spend and you know the rest BETTER!

As a result, it’s critical to complete the budget before moving on to the next item on your wedding planning to-do list!

Therefore, think your way out and point out the things where expenditure is mostly needed and finally make proper execution on them.

Before Wedding To-Do List

Categorize The Guest List

The decision of who should be invited and who shouldn’t is yet another confusing factor of wedding planning. Lay back, calm your
mind and organize the list into groups such as close friends and family, coworkers, neighbors, and shared friends or acquaintances.

Before you begin, consider how many guests you would like to have at your wedding. Mark the names of those whose absence from your wedding would make you feel dim, and make sure to include them in the final list.

bride and her dad in a barn switzerland (Before Wedding To-Do List)

Select The Venue In Advance

Given how popular expensive weddings have become, it’s safe to say that there is a tiny possibility of booking the best choices in terms of venues.

Why exactly is that?

To be honest, the best wedding venues are booked months in advance (like 10-12 months). So, to avoid this dismay, look for your ideal wedding venue at least 10 to 11 months in advance.

P.S: Keeping all your guests in mind will consider the most crucial elements such as locations, space and size of the venue, the overall ambiance of the area, and things like that.

bride in office in Lugano (Before Wedding To-Do List)

Choose The Right Caterer

Point to be noted, always choose a venue that offers catering too. If it doesn’t, get in touch with the top caterers in the area and select one for your big day! If the food tastes nice, then congratulations! The wedding is gonna be a big success.

By offering a variety of cuisines, you can experiment and come up with unique and appealing food items. But if you want to avoid all the odds, you may always stick with the tried-and-tested options.

Before Wedding To-Do List

Hire A Wedding Planner (Optional)

Whereas most of us enjoy organizing our weddings, many others prefer to lay back and enjoy their BIG day to the fullest.

For a best-case scenario, it is best to appoint a skilled wedding planner who can handle the wedding checklist and arrange everything to your ease and needs.

However, be sure to engage a planner in advance so that he or she can get to work immediately!

bride and groom with a spectacular damn view, Switzerland (Before Wedding To-Do List)

Photographer And Videographer

It goes without saying that hiring a photographer and videographer for your big day is the most crucial task!

While candid photography has become increasingly popular, some still value the classic approach to remembering moments.

Make sure you’ve already decided whether you want a theme, candid, or old-fashioned photography, and book the photographer and videographer at least 5-6 months in advance of your memorable day.

Before Wedding To-Do List

Select The Makeup Artist

Selecting your makeup artist is another essential factor to cross your wedding planning to-do list.

Wondering why exactly?

Because now is the ideal time to reserve your pre-bridal or groom package at the salon and makeup artists since major ceremonies are already ongoing, and you won’t want to sit on their waitlist.

Keep in mind that nearly everyone may be getting married at this time! Get quotations from the experts you’ve already shortlisted, then reserve the best one as quickly as possible.

Go Jewelry Shopping

For this part, we all know how important it is to get wedding rings and jewelry on your marriage to-do list, and while choosing the jewelry, you might want to keep a calm mind since this process requires a lot of time and patience.

And right now is undoubtedly the finest option to cross something off your list! So, choose the designs you want for your collection or your spouse’s wedding band by visiting the finest jewelry retailers.

Additionally, keep an eye out for any discounts the jewelry companies may be offering. There’s nothing wrong with making small financial savings.

Something we all can agree on, right?

wedding dress blowing on the wind

The Perfect Wedding Attire Attire

Selecting the perfect wedding attire is probably the most exciting yet time-consuming item on your wedding to-do list.

Let’s be a little honest here, who doesn’t love to play dress-up, right? But if it comes to your wedding day attire, then be sure to start the trial and selection process.

Though it takes time, it’s only worthwhile if you receive the desired outfit you’ve always wanted to wear on your BIG day!

Consider whether you want to wear something that matches the theme of your wedding or if you want to wear different outfits for each ceremony. Take your time, and then make your final decision.

Start Planning Your Honeymoon

If I’m being SUPER on point, you must have talked about your honeymoon up until now.

If you did, it’s finally time to do more than talk! Look up fascinating travel destinations and choose the ideal one that attracts you through its beauty.

And… To be sure it’s a destination worth going to on your honeymoon, research and look at some images.

Barchelotte party in bed

Pre-Wedding Shoot

Undoubtedly, getting a pre-wedding photo shoot done should be high on your wedding checklist.

During this time, go on your shoot, and as soon as you receive the photos from the photographer, share them with your friends and family to get their attention.

For the perfect photo shoot, you can think about forts, gardens, or resorts a few kilometers away. It’s time to post your pre-wedding photos online and urge everyone to save the date!

wedding couple laughs and hugs in swiss mountains

Summing Up Things With…

To conclude, wedding preparation lists are simply limitless and there’s always room for more things to do. And what I’ve highlighted above is just the basics that most people tend to do (from my perspective). So, that doesn’t mean you should only follow this checklist instead do what you feel like doing before your wedding. That being said, I’m signing off!